Below are some common questions we are frequently asked. If you would like to know anything else feel free to contact us here.

We love the band how to we book you?

Enquiries can be made via the contact page here. Any questions you may have please contact us on BEATBROTHERSUK@GMAIL.COM OR GIVE US A CALL ON 07478736462

We haven’t seen the band, how can we be sure you are as good as you sound?

The Band are in high demand and are a weekend favourite at Birmingham’s most prestigious live venue, The Jam House. The Video’s as seen on the site are all recorded live so what you see is what you get. All the members of the band are dedicated professional musicians and you’re paying for a band of elite players. Members of the band have appeared on the Graham Norton Show and The Voice UK 2015. They are not weekend warriors!

What do we get when we book the band?

Upon booking and depending on what has been arranged when you made your enquiry, You get 2 hours of live music from the band who are friendly and professional, They can DJ in between sets so there will be music from the start of your evening to the very end. The Band have a professional PA system which is powerful enough for audiences up to 500 people (Please let us know if your event will hold this many or more, The band can hire in additional PA for larger audiences and events) They also come with a full complement of professional LED lighting which lights up the stage area and the dancefloor, lasers are also available as well as a haze machine.

Can the band play our first dance?

Of course, the band can either play your first dance live if it’s something they are able to cover (hip hop/rap/classical/operatic aren’t usually in the bands repertoire!) or it can be played from our laptop/iPod,

We’ve got a specific set of songs we want the band to play, is this ok?

Providing your choices are from our repertoire and will give you a full dancefloor we welcome suggestions, our live set is made as a result of years of live performances and we know what will keep your dancefloor full and everyone dancing!

Can you learn songs that aren’t in your repertoire?

Yes, within reason, the band will endeavour to learn songs at the clients request but this is to be agreed and discussed when making your enquiry.

How about music between sets? Can we choose that?

Of course you can! We have over 50 000 songs (at current count) available to us, if your venue has wifi this number is unlimited so we can take requests and play the songs you want to hear. Alternatively, if you have a specific set list of songs you want played between the bands sets, you are more than welcome to give us an ipod or CD’s of what you want to hear, we can plug this into our system and you (or nominated person!) can be the DJ for the evening!

The Venue has a noise limiter? Is this a problem?

No, The band uses in ear monitoring and they have the equipment to be extremely quiet, so in severe conditions, the band won’t even bring guitar and bass amplifiers onto the stage, They have high end multi effects units which give the same sound as having amps but at much lower volume levels, Please ask your venue if they have a noise limiter when enquiring about the band.

How long does the band need to get ready?

The band asks for a minimum of an hour and a half to get in, set up, sound check and tidy away cases and cabling. Obviously, the longer the band has the smoother the running, this time is also dependant on how difficult access is to the performance area, some venues are funny about the band walking across an 18th century parquet floor so they make the band walk the whole perimeter of the venue to get in!

Do you need a dressing room? Food? Drink?

A dressing room is preferred, but if this is not available it’s not a deal breaker. The band are humans too and they play their best when they are fed and watered! If you have an evening buffet, please include the band members if you are not feeding them beforehand.

My Mate’s a good singer, he does karaoke and everything……. can he do a few songs?

We know that whatever your event is you’ve booked the band for, it is a very special day, The band want you and your guests to have the best evening possible, we would hate it to be ruined by an over exuberant guest or relative who may spoil it for you and everyone else (sadly this has happened before….The most expletive version of Angels you’ve ever heard) The band equipment is extremely expensive and the stage area is very hazardous with cables and stands set up everywhere, so the band strongly advise against it. However if it is important to you and whoever wants to sing is responsible, the band have no issue allowing a vocalist to guest on a song or two.

I play a bit of guitar/drums/bass, can I do a few songs?

Providing you can be available for sound check and you have your own equipment this isn’t an issue, but the band are professional musicians and they do not lend their equipment out to anyone, not only because they are precious about their gear but because it violates the Public liability insurance the band holds.

How far do you travel?

The band will travel worldwide

Do I need a DJ?

Not if you book the Beat Brothers, the band provide a manned DJ service included in the price.

Do you offer Afternoon entertainment?

Yes, The Lead singer and guitarist Matt Eaves can perform acoustically for either the ceremony, drinks reception, or both. Also Matt can perform as part of a duo with Keys Player Matt Foundling, this is more popular for the drinks reception/wedding breakfast, please mention this when making your enquiry if you are interested.

Is my venue suitable for a band? How much space do you need?

Before you make your enquiry with the Beat Brothers, please check your venue allows bands, we’ve had cancellations in the past because the venue failed to let the client know they didn’t have a license, a venue needs to hold a valid PPL license in order to have live music. More often than not a venue will also say it’s had live bands just to secure your event date, only to find when the band arrive they have a noise limiter that is so aggressive a handclap sets it off, Noise limiters can ruin an event, please make sure the venue are aware it is a guitar led band with real drums and not backing tracks! The band require a 4m2 space to perform in, Staging is always preferred but not essential. They have never cancelled a show because of space! But please don’t put them in a cloakroom, they really whinge when that happens…

Our event is in a marquee, how much power do you need?

The band require either 1 dedicated feed of 26a or two separate 13a feeds. Please ensure there is enough space for the band when the Marquee is being set up, more often than not marquee companies don’t know where the band is going or don’t know how much equipment they have, the band would always prefer to play to the full length of the marquee rather than the width right at the end.

The venue have asked for a PLI certificate and a PAT test certificate, do you have these?

Yes, the band holds a valid Public Liability certificate and a current Portable Appliance Test certificate.

Will you perform after midnight?

Most venues require all live music to stop at midnight on account of the PPL license they have, however if you have cleared it with the venue, the band can perform past midnight please get in touch for a quote.

Do you do corporate events?

Yes, as well as weddings the band have performed for many businesses over the years as well as private parties and birthdays.

If you have any further questions please get in touch!

Best Wishes,

The Beat Brothers.

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